Rhodes Airport

Rhodes International Airport, “Diagoras” is located on the island of Rhodes. The airport is located 16 km south west of the capital city of Rhodes.
The international airport covering a 31,000 m2 area is the fourth busiest in Greece. A new terminal was opened in 2008.
Today, the airport serves around three million passengers annually. The airport’s modern, single and well-facilitated terminal building handles all international and domestic flights. Open around the clock, Rhodes Airport boasts eight gates and 13 check-in counters. Since the airport started to operate in 1977, many modern facilities were introduced or improved to meet the demands of the growing passenger numbers.
In addition to the charter services available to and from numerous European destinations there are frequently scheduled international and domestic flights as well as charter services to and from several Middle East countries.
In 2010 Rhodes airport serviced 31,558 flights and 3,586,572 passengers.